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Wild Horse Island State Park Tours on Flathead Lake in Dayton, MT

How to get to Wild Horse Island State Park by boat on Flathead Lake

Wild Horse Island State Park is a can’t miss destination on Flathead Lake in Dayton Montana and we are the closest access to the island. It’s home to stunning views, interesting history, beautiful wildlife, and unlimited exploration. Here’s how to book the best tours of Wildhorse Island to fit both your budget and interests. We know it can be hard to get to the island and it can be expensive to rent a boat.

Here are 3 affordable options for getting to Flathead Lake Islands for hiking and sightseeing!

 1. A Sailing Tour of Wild Horse Island – Book online here –Tour: Sailing Charter on Flathead Lake

The most unique way to see Wild Horse Island is via sailboat! Go Sail Flathead Lake offers Private sailing charters.  One fantastic option is to sail around a few different islands on Flathead Lake. These cruises include as much or as little informal sailing instruction as you like and also allow you to get a feel for which areas you might like to explore more via kayak or paddleboard. Your sailboat captain can provide a wealth of knowledge about the area, Wild Horse Island, and sailing in general. After a sailing tour of Wild Horse Island, you may decide that you’d like to tour Wild Horse Island on a kayak or paddleboard with Go Sail the following day!

2. Kayak Tours of Wild Horse Island- Book online here- Tour: Kayak to Wild Horse Island

One of the most adventurous ways to explore Wild Horse Island is with a self-guided kayak tour! Self-guided kayak tours of Wild Horse Island are the perfect option for independent travelers looking for a budget friendly way to explore the area. Go Sail Flathead Lake offers self-guided kayak tours of Wild Horse Island throughout the summer. Each Wild Horse Island tour comes with a map and tons of great information about what to do when you get to the island. Go Sail Flathead Lake is also the kayak rental company closest to Wild Horse Island. You’ll spend about an hour paddling over and then have plenty of time to explore!

3. Wild Horse Island Paddleboard Tours -Book online here- Tour: Paddle Board to Wild Horse Island

Another option for a self-guided tour of Wild Horse Island is to take a paddleboard! Getting to Wild Horse Island via paddleboard is a truly unique experience and once you get the knack of it, it shouldn’t take you much longer to paddleboard to the island than it would to kayak. Find out more information about paddleboard tours of Wild Horse Island here.

So now you know how to get there! Give us a call if you have any questions. 406.515.9585  We love this lake and we are ready to help you get to Wild Horse Island State Park!a small boat in a body of water

We are the only sailing charter and paddle company in Dayton MT. We have been sharing and enjoying this lake for 50 years and we know it is absolutely the best place to be in the summer!