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About Go Sail Flathead Lake and the Crew

Sailors, Leaders, Mates

At Go Sail Flathead Lake, we have very high standards for the quality of your experience.

  1. We only use boats that are well maintained and regularly inspected with all the federally required safety equipment aboard.
  2. We only hire Captains with advanced experience sailing, teaching ASA courses, and local knowledge of the Flathead Lake and beyond.
  3. Communication and support through and beyond your ASA Certification to Advanced Courses and Bareboat Charters.

Our policy is once your sail with us, you are crew forever. This means we are a constant resource through your sailing journey. We offer special discounts to ASA members when you a bareboat charter with us. Charter companies like to see the students have completed courses with Go Sail Flathead Lake because they know you are competent.

– Captain Genevieve Evans, CEO


Meet our Captains & Crew!

We look forward to sailing with you. Our goals are prepare you for Bareboat Charter, Adventure, Explore, Build Your confidence, Help You Gain Experience, Master the art of  sailing and Be ready to plan your adventures and sail anywhere…

Captain Chad

“big family guy”

Captain Chad has been sailing on Flathead Lake and Puget Sound for more than 10 years! He loves to sail and loves teaching others about what he enjoys the most! Captain Chad became an ASA Instructor with better teacher and teach more often. He enjoys seeing the students gain confidence and take control of the boat. Chad strives to make learning fun and to fit your style of learning. He is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream of learning to sail!

Sailing Story: Captain Chad

2023 Outstanding American Sailing Instructor!

“My favorite part is the Aha moment!”

Captain Bob is an experienced ASA instructor and looks forward to bringing his expertise to Go Sail. 

“People have usually always read the book so I usually start out with ‘I’m big on visuals and like role playing,’” he explained. 

Captain Bob brings props, models, and physical examples to the classroom before setting students loose on the boat— where he waits for his favorite part of every ASA class: a student’s “aha” moment. 

Sailing Story: Captain Bob

Captain Kristie

“I love teaching”

Kristie has been sailing for 15 years. She learned to sail on the Hudson River while living in New York City and spent most of her sailing career racing and cruising around the statue of liberty. When it got too cold to sail on the Hudson, she took sailing vacations with friends in the Caribbean. After 18 years in Manhattan, she decided it was time to move back to her home state of Montana—where she discovered sailing on Flathead Lake! She is new to instructing and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with those learning to sail.

Sailing Story: Captain Kristie

Captain Jon

“Welcome aboard!”

Captain Jon has been sailing since he could walk. His grandfather was a boatbuilder who passed his knowledge of boats and love for sailing on down the family line. Jon’s personal passion for sailing runs deep and goes hand-in-hand with his study of birds and their harmony with the wind. His capable and responsive Pearson 33-2 Keewaydin is his happy place—and a fantastic teaching platform. For him, teaching is all about sharing his joy in sailing and meeting the great variety of amazing people who want to experience sailing. He hopes his students get the spark and keep it up.

Welcome Crew, Lizzy!

I love helping people.

When you arrive at the Go Sail Flathead Lake office or call the main line, you’ll likely be greeted with an excited Lizzy!

A love of Flathead Lake and the Montana outdoors runs in Lizzy’s blood. ““I was born and raised here,” she explained. “I am a 5th generation Montanan.”

As a child, Lizzy grew up on the Flathead Lake waters – boating, swimming, and exploring the islands. “The lake felt a lot bigger to me at that time,” she said. To Lizzy, the possibilities for experiencing Flathead Lake seemed as vast as the lake was big.

Sailing Story: Lizzy

Captain Genevieve Evans

“Salt is the cure for everything. Sweat, tears, and the sea.”

Captain G is the founder of Go Sail Flathead Lake and Go Sail Virgin Islands. She has been an ASA sailing instructor and USCG Captain teaching on Flathead Lake, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Belize for more than 10 years. Her students appreciate her adaptable style and couples coaching. Captain G’s classes are always fun and include loads of smiles while learning.

Sailing Story: Captain Genevieve

Captain Trevon baker

2023 Outstanding American Sailing Instructor!

“Everyone learns a great deal while having a great time!”

Trevon’s introduction to sailing was on Flathead Lake in Montana. He was asked by a client to come crew on a sailboat during a club race and was hooked on sailing from that moment on. Thirty years later, he continues to race, teaching new crew members every season. He has sailed the San Juan Islands, Mexico, Florida and the Virgin Islands. Trevon began chartering bareboat many years ago and fell in love with the Virgin Islands. He has acquired multiple ASA Instructor certifications and his USCG Captain License, furthering his passion to share the sailing lifestyle. Previous clients have so appreciated his sailing knowledge and teaching style, citing that he is knowledgeable, patient, considerate, and encouraging. Not to mention his sense of humor and stories!

Sailing Story: Trevon Baker