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A Year in Review: 2023 Sailing Stories on Flathead Lake

Sailors of Montana Flathead LakeThe 2024 sailing season is quickly approaching in Montana! If you aren’t already itching to get out on the water, these sailing stories and memories from 2023 are sure to turn up the excitement a notch and give you a few ideas of how to spend your 2024 sailing season with Go Sail Flathead Lake! 

The Beginnings of New Sailing Stories

In 2023, Go Sail Flathead Lake was happy to help a number of students write the first chapter in their sailing stories.  The Go Sail instructors take their jobs of teaching ASA courses seriously, knowing that the experience first time students have sailing will often shape their love of the sport for years to come.

“We came with no sailing experience and feel [Captain Jon and Captain Chad] helped us get to the point to enjoy participating in recreational sailing and with a good foundation to learn more if we want to expand our skills,” student Mindy said in her Trip Advisor review. “I would highly recommend these instructors and this program. If I need any other certifications that they offer, I will be returning to get them from Go Sail Flathead Lake.” 

Go Sail is also proud that one of the greatest achievements new sailors say they walk away with after sailing on Flathead Lake, is an increased sense of self-confidence. 

“As a complete rookie on a sailboat the teachers did a great job accommodating for a lack of knowledge. I was extremely worried about a passing grade due to my lack of  experience in the curriculum, yet walked away each day with confidence not only in handling the boats but the terms, parts of boats, and the lingo that goes along with sailing,” said student Cody in his Google review of Go Sail. “Definitely has planted a seed in this ‘sailor’ and will be working to expand my experiences and enjoy this amazing activity.” 

We are certainly excited to see new sailors from 2023 become seasoned sailors in 2024 and beyond!

“I had zero experience and now I am absolutely hooked,” student Sarah said. “I can’t wait to buy my own sailboat and will be taking the 104 class as soon as I can.”

Dusting Off and Brushing Up on Sailing Dreams 

Sailing stories don’t have a set beginning and end date, neatly organized into a seamless timeline. In fact, we love when students come to Go Sail, excited to reignite an old passion for sailing! 

“I sailed many years ago and this experience was a soul healing for me, being back in action on the water again,” said Lana in her 2023 sailing review on Trip Advisor. “What an awesome 4 days!” 

Adding Chapters to Our Established Sailing Stories

Go Sail Flathead Lake offers more advanced ASA courses to help established sailors gain new skills — which our 2023 students certainly did!

“I learned so much and gained so much confidence that I am a whole new sailor,” said student Georgia in her Google review

However, even for sailors with all their ASA certifications, Go Sail made offers new experiences for sailors to make their Flathead Lake sailing trips extraordinary— and stress-free!

“Best day sailing for many years!!!” Said Lana in her Google review. “Super easy to book the charter online and a great value for the wonderful expertise from Captain Greg!”

Sailboat rentals are a great way for Go Sail Flathead Lake to connect with experienced sailors who don’t own their own boats but still want to enjoy the beauty of sailing on Flathead Lake. 

“Took my family sailing on one for their Catalina 22s. Boat was in very good shape, and the sailing grounds in Dayton Bay are gorgeous! Highly recommended for a nice sail on Flathead Lake,” said Google reviewer Keith about his sailing trip this past summer. 

Anticipating The Next Sailing Adventures!

As the 2024 sailing season approaches, Go Sail Flathead Lake has no plans of slowing down on igniting new and old passions for sailing among students and clients. In fact, this season is shaping up to be quite a busy one, with fully booked charters and ASA courses. We’ll continue to bring you the stories of the sailors who join us out on the gorgeous Flathead Lake waters and hope you join us as a part of Go Sail Flathead Lake’s next chapter of 2024 sailing stories too!