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Why taking a sailing lesson will make you a better captain.

Learning how to sail is just the beginning. You will be the leader now and be training your crew. Learn from the best!

Ready to Captain Go Sail Flathead Lake

Ready to Captain Go Sail Flathead Lake

Even the best captains still learn new things on sailing trips. From first timers to seasoned veterans, sailing lessons are an important part of becoming a better captain. Here are a few reasons you should take a sailing lesson in Montana, regardless of your skill level:

1. Local Knowledge of Flathead Lake

Lake sailing is always tricky. Where are the shallows? Where does the wind die? People say If you have experience captaining a sailboat on a lake you can sail anywhere. Wind and weather patterns are less predictable than in coastal waters. Learning how to read weather and wind reports to see if it is really a good sailing day. On Flathead Lake if the forecast is hot and high pressure with no wind in the forecast, expect a perfect day of sailing in Dayton Bay on Flathead Lake. Lakes have microclimates that do not always get reported correctly on big weather reports. We get a consistent easterly breeze if the sky is clear and the sun can heat up the west shore and pull the cool air off the lake.

2. Becoming a Captain is more than knowing how to sail

Just like taking your drivers exam, when the parallel parking test part came up, it could be nerve racking, but now having done it, you could teach it. The more you practice every skill the better you are anticipating the outcome. You will need to anticipate and teach your friends and family crew what to do, so you don’t make it a one time adventure. You do not want them to regale the tales to everyone about how it didn’t work out. Taking a sailing course helps you gain confidence and command of the vessel.


Go Sail Flathead Lake offers a variety of opportunities to put your skills to use in different types of boats. For example, during your sailing lesson in Montana you may have the opportunity to take different certifications 101 Basic Keelboat, 103 Basic Coastal Cruising, and 104 Bareboat Cruising.

3. We offer advanced courses. Not all sailing lessons in Montana are geared towards beginners 

Go Sail Flathead Lake offers ASA certified sailing lessons in Montana for all skill levels. Moderately experienced sailors can test out of lower certification and get straight to working on new skills. Additionally, your instructor will make customized suggestions to meet your specific goals for your sailing lessons in Montana. 


Ready to become a better captain by booking ASA certified sailing lessons in Montana? Find out more about the sailing lesson options for your trip on the Go Sail Flathead Lake website