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How Do I Get To Wild Horse Island?

map of wild horse island

Wild Horse Island is a state park, however, the park doesn’t provide transportation to the island and you can’t get there by car. So how do you get to Wild Horse Island? Here are a few options for how to reach the island!

1. Getting to Wild Horse Island via kayak

Dayton to Wild Horse Island is a short trip via kayak. Go Sail Flathead Lake is the closest place you can rent a kayak to get to Wild Horse Island— which will make your paddle shorter and your time to explore the island longer! You can rent a kayak for the whole day from Go Sail Flathead Lake for $160. You can also get a discount for multi-day rentals and there are options to rent for less than a full day too. Learn more about all the options and what’s included here. map of wild horse island

2. Taking a boat to Wild Horse Island

Taking a boat to Wild Horse Island is doable but can be a little tricky. Wild Horse Island doesn’t have a public dock and the state park asks guests to respect private properties and not use the private docks along the island’s perimeter. If you’d like to visit by boat, you’ll either need to anchor near the shoreline or use one of the six designated landing sites. Go Sail Flathead Lake encourages sailors to admire the island from the water rather than trying to anchor your sailboat nearby. Instead, when you want to walk around the island, rent a kayak or a paddleboard to get there!  

3. Paddleboard to Wild Horse Island

Paddleboarding is becoming more and more popular on Flathead Lake and it’s definitely a fun way to get out to Wild Horse Island. If you’ve never paddleboarded before, not to worry. The staff at Go Sail Flathead Lake can give you some pointers before sending you on your way! If you find out paddleboarding just really isn’t your thing– you can always rent a kayak instead. However, we bet you’ll catch on in no time and have a great time making your way out to the island for a day of adventure. Click here to learn more about paddleboard pricing on Flathead Lake. 

4. Swim your way to Wild Horse Island

For the brave, fit, and adventurous— you can always take a swim over to Wild Horse Island! It’s quite the trek so we definitely don’t recommend swimming to Wild Horse Island unless you are confident in your long-haul swimming abilities. That being said— we’ll cheer you on from the shore if we see you attempt this feat! 

5. Take a self-guided tour of Wild Horse Island

If kayaking or paddleboarding to Wild Horse Island sounds up your alley but you’re not sure what to do once you reach the island, consider taking a self-guided tour. Go Sail Flathead Lake’s self-guided tours of Wild Horse Island offer you all the information and tools you need to have a fantastic day out on the lake and on the island. Tours depart twice a day at 10am and 2pm. Learn more about these tours and their pricing here