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What You Should Know About the Newest ASA Sailing Course: ASA 102

a boat in the water

The mysterious gap between ASA 101 and ASA 103 has been filled! The American Sailing Association is now offering a ASA 102 course. Learn more about what this ASA course offers and how to sign up below:a boat in the water

What is ASA 102?

ASA 102 is the latest sailing course from the American Sailing Association. This course is a great addition to the line up of ASA courses, as it bridges the gap between ASA 101 and ASA 103. With this certification, sailors learn how to skipper and crew a sloop-rigged keelboat between 20 and 30 feet during daylight hours and in winds up to 20 knots. Unlike ASA 103, ASA 102 does not come with the recommendation of 24 on-water sailing hours before you take the course. This makes it a great course to take right after you finish your ASA 101 course! 

What will I learn in ASA 102?

ASA 102 is all about honing in on those skills you learned in ASA 101. It’s a comprehensive training in core keelboat skills and covers everything from close-quarter maneuvering to sail trim. It’s not only a great ASA course to take if you plan on bareboating but you’ll also learn useful information if you ever plan on sailboat racing! You can learn more about the exact information you’ll learn in ASA 102 here

What are the prerequisites for taking ASA 102?

In order to take ASA 102, you’ll need to have already passed ASA 101. However, with Go Sail Montana, you can take both courses this summer! Learn more about these learn to sail ASA courses and which courses are available to you on a trip here

What’s the difference between ASA 101 vs ASA 102?

ASA 101 is an introduction to keelboat sailing. ASA 102 is a follow up to the ASA 101 course, offering time to better the skills gained in ASA 101 and learn some valuable additional skills as well. For example, you’ll learn quite a bit more about boat handling and trim concepts. A specific focus will be put on upwind sail trim as well as reaching and running sail trim. It’s a great course to take if you plan on getting involved in sailboat racing!

Where can I take an ASA 102 class?

Go Sail Montana offers ASA 102 courses throughout the summer! Learn more about adding ASA 102 to your learn to sail vacation here. If you have additional questions, Captain Genevieve is available to answer all your ASA 102 questions. You can reach out to her here