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KPAX News: Recognizing America’s Best ASA Sailing Instructors

News story on Go Sail Flathead Lake

KPAX News, A CBS affiliate station out of Missoula, Montana featured Go Sail Flathead Lake in Dayton , MT in a recent article about America’s best ASA sailing instructors. Go Sail’s Captain Trevon and Captain Bob both won the coveted “Outstanding Sailing Instructor” award from the American Sailing Association for 2023. Only 30 instructors across 16 states and three countries received the award.

“[I’m] very honored to be here with Trevon. And knowing that okay, two of us at the same school got the award because that’s not something that happens,” Captain Bob told KPAX News.

You can watch (and read) the full story on Captain Bob and Captain Trevon on Sailing Instructors on Flathead Lake recieve American Sailing Association Award KPAX News. Learn more about the ASA Outstanding Sailing Instructor Award here. To book a sailing trip with Captain Bob or Captain Trevon, visit the Go Sail Flathead Lake website and choose the American Sailing certification course or Tour: Sailing Charter on Flathead Lake of your choice!