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Kayak Rentals On Flathead Lake

Renting Kayaks on Flathead Lake

This handy kayaking guide to Flathead Lake provides you with all the information you’ll need to rent a kayak on Flathead Lake. From kayaking destinations and regulations to pricing and FAQ answers, we’ve got you covered!

Can you kayak on Flathead Lake?

Flathead Lake is a fantastic place to kayak! The waters are calm, the summer weather is beautiful, and you can find plenty of open space to kayak without worrying about running into other kayakers or boaters. Beginner and experienced kayakers are both encouraged to kayak on Flathead Lake.

How much does it cost to rent a kayak on Flathead Lake?

Go Sail Montana offers kayak rentals on Flathead Lake for $35 an hour or on self guided tour to Wild Horse Island State Park. Half day rentals are also available for $120 or full day rentals for $160. Each rental includes paddles and a life jacket (PFD). The Go Sail kayaks are sit-on-top, eight or nine feet long, and offer plenty of waterproof storage as well as a comfortable, padded UltraLite Seat.

What are the kayaking regulations on Flathead Lake?

To kayak on Flathead Lake, you’ll need to follow a few basic rules. Montana requires all kayaks come with a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket (PFD). For kayakers under 12 years old, they must keep their life jacket on anytime they are out on the water. If you rent a kayak from Go Sail Montana, your kayak will come equipped with a life jacket. You can find more information about boating and kayaking regulations on Flathead Lake on the Fish, Wildlife, & Parks website.

Where to take a kayak on Flathead Lake

One of the best spots to take a kayak on Flathead Lake is Wild Horse Island. Go Sail Flathead Lake offers the closest kayak rentals to Wild Horse Island. That means you’ll have more energy to explore the island once you get there than if you rented from another kayak rental company on Flathead Lake! Wild Horse Island is only accessible by boat, kayak, or paddleboard. However, it’s well worth the trip if you want to visit a lesser explored area of Flathead Lake or would like to combine your kayak trip with a hike! Learn more about the history of the island here.

Buying vs. renting a kayak on Flathead Lake

There are a few advantages to renting a kayak on Flathead Lake rather than buying your own. First, it’s likely worth renting a kayak rather than buying one or bringing your own if you plan on traveling very far to get to Flathead Lake. Loading and unloading kayaks (and figuring out how to secure them to your vehicle), stopping at watercraft inspection stations, and maintaining your own equipment on a trip can be quite a hassle! Secondly, it’s much cheaper to rent a kayak on Flathead Lake than buy one if you don’t plan on making kayaking a consistent hobby in your life. A decent kayak will likely cost you upwards of $500! An hourly kayak rental with Go Sail Flathead Lake is only $35.

Paddle boarding vs. kayaking on Flathead Lake

Unsure whether you’d like to paddle board or kayak on Flathead Lake? Why not try both! Go Sail Flathead Lake offers both paddle board (SUP) and kayak rentals on Flathead Lake. Paddle board rentals start at $30 an hour, with half day rentals available for $120 and full day rentals available for $160. If you plan on kayaking or paddle boarding with a friend, consider renting one of each and switching out halfway through the day!