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SUP Rentals on Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake SUP rentals

Interested in trying a new water sport on Flathead Lake this summer? Flathead Lake SUP rentals are a great way to test the waters on an increasingly popular sport you might quickly find yourself hooked on!

What is a SUP?

“SUP” is the shorthand term for a stand-up paddleboard. A SUP looks like a longer, wider version of a surfboard with a flat bottom. This design makes it easier to stand up on in the water and maintain your balance. SUPs are usually used with paddles so you can quickly and easily navigate your way around and explore new areas!

Where can I find SUP rentals on Flathead Lake?

Go Sail Montana offers SUP rentals on Flathead Lake throughout the summer. Hourly rentals are $35 an hour or you can choose from a half day or full day SUP rental.  Take a 3 hour tour to or Full day rentals are the best value, at $160. All Flathead Lake SUP rentals from Go Sail Montana include a life jacket and paddles.

Are there discounts or deals on SUP rentals on Flathead Lake?

You can find deals on boat, kayak, and SUP rentals on Flathead Lake throughout the summer on the Go Sail Flathead Lake Facebook page, Instagram page, and in the Go Sail monthly newsletter. Additionally, the hourly rate for Flathead Lake SUP rentals is less if you book for the full day rather than just a few hours!

Flathead Lake SUP rental itinerary

Curious as to how you should spend your day on a SUP on Flathead Lake? We recommend taking a day trip to Wild Horse Island! Go Sail Montana is home to the closest SUP rental launch point for Wild Horse Island. Once you make it onto the island, we recommend exploring a few of the trails— the Johnson Homestead is a great destination to hike to! You can view a trail map of the island here. Additionally, you can read more about the history of Wild Horse Island here.