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Sailing Story: Barry White

a woman holding a signLike many a sailing story, Barry White’s sailing story started with a nudge from a friend. Barry was in his late 30s when he started sailing, all thanks to a friend asking him to go halfsies on a sailboat. “I thought it would be something I did to goof around on our lake,” he said.


However, it didn’t take long for Barry to get hooked. “I’ve been doing masonry for going on 30 years and I was looking for something I could slide into before retirement and go do anywhere,” he explained. Sailing perfectly met those requirements. 


It wasn’t long before Barry began taking formal training and thought becoming a sailing instructor may also be a good fit. “I was talking to the instructor at Lake of the Ozarks [Missouri] about how he enjoyed [teaching],” Barry said. Before long, he’d made the decision to try it out. 


Last year, Barry was on the ASA website and saw an advertisement for instructors at Go Sail Flathead Lake. Barry didn’t want to miss the opportunity — he packed his bags and made the journey from Kansas to Montana!   


“Genevieve had me teach some one on one classes and had me help out at the little shop,” he explained. “I was busy— I was having a good time!”


In fact, Barry enjoyed his time on Flathead so much that he’s back this summer as well. “I’m all in! I really like it, it’s good stuff,” he said. “All my students were cool and good people.”


Among his favorite things about Flathead Lake is that there is always something to learn. “[It’s] tricky here and there to learn because you’ll lose wind and then find it,” he explained.


However, his sailing goals go beyond the shores of the Flathead and he hopes to one day teach for Go Sail Flathead Island’s sister company, Go Sail Virgin Islands. “We are constantly looking for a place to spend our winters,” he said. “I’ve been pushing the brakes until [my kids left the house] and now I can really get into it.” 


As Barry phases out of working in masonry in Kansas, you’ll find him spending more time out on the water. Meet Barry yourself and hear the rest of his sailing story in the Flathead this summer or maybe even in the Virgin Islands in the years to come!