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Sailing vs Speed Boating on Flathead Lake

shape, arrowWhich reigns supreme on Flathead Lake? Sailing or speed boating? The truth is– there is no definite answer as to whether sailing vs speed boating on Flathead Lake is better! Instead, the answer depends on your goals for your day out on the water and what your idea of the “perfect” boating experience is. Here are a few pointers to help you decide whether a day of sailing or a day of speed boating is right for you:

The experience of sailing vs speed boating on Flathead Lake

Ultimately, whether to rent a sailboat or a speed boat for a Flathead Lake trip is largely dependent on what you want to get out of your trip. If you are looking for a high speed day of watersports (like wakeboarding) or trying to fit as many friends as possible on a boat— speed boating is the Flathead Lake activity for you!

On the other hand, if you are looking to spend a quiet day out on the water with just a few close friends and learn a fun new skill, sailing is the perfect fit. The Go Sail Flathead Lake sailboats can take up to 6 people on trips and provide guests with the opportunity to learn about wind speeds, sails, rope-tying and so much more while traveling to beautiful locations like Wild Horse Island! 

Is sailing or speed boating on Flathead Lake better for beginner boaters?

If you are new to the world of boating, speed boating and sailing can both be fun options. However, to rent either a sailboat or a speed boat on Flathead Lake, you are going to need prior experience. For this reason, if you are completely new to boating, you’ll want to either charter a boat (complete with your very own captain!) or sign up for lessons. Go Sail Flathead Lake offers internationally recognized ASA sailing classes so once you get certified, you’ll be able to rent a sailboat anywhere in the world! 

Chartering sailboats vs speed boats on Flathead Lake

If you don’t have much boating experience or just don’t want the responsibility of captaining a boat, you can charter a boat on Flathead Lake complete with your very own captain! Unfortunately, most speed boat adventures that come complete with captains on Flathead Lake are more-so just shuttle services. For example, you can get a shuttle ride on a speed boat out to Wild Horse Island from a variety of speed boat companies.

However, the chartered sailboat adventures with Go Sail Flathead Lake can be customized to your individual wants. For example, you can choose to just get a ride out to Wild Horse Island— or you can opt for a fully customized scenic sailing cruise to see the lake, learn about sailing, and just kick back and take in the view! See all the chartering options here. 

Renting sailboats vs speed boats on Flathead Lake

Renting a sailboat or a speed boat on Flathead Lake both require prior experience. While it isn’t required to have ASA certifications to rent a sailboat on Flathead Lake, it is recommended. Sailboat rentals on Flathead Lake are just under $300 for 6 hours while speed boat rentals are about the same price for only 4 hours. 

Try both!

Still not sure whether to go sailing or speed boating on Flathead Lake? The weekend is two days for a reason— it gives you enough time to try out both! Additionally, if you are planning a longer trip to Flathead Lake, you’ll have plenty of time to check out both activities, decide on a favorite, and go out again!