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The Best Montana Made Gifts for Dad this Christmas

Trying to keep your gift giving local this holiday season? Here are a few Montana made gifts for Dad this Christmas that are perfect for even the hardest to shop for dads! 

logo, company name1. For His Adventurous Side

If your dad is always collecting new hobbies or dabbling in new activities, buy him a gift for his adventurous side! Go Sail Montana offers gift certificates that your dad can use towards sailing tours, charters, and even sailing lessons. If you know dad’s availability, you can also directly book a sailing trip for this summer. Taking ASA sailing classes together is also a great bonding activity and could result in a new hobby for you to share for many years to come! 

2. For His Sweet Tooth

Candy and chocolate is always a great stocking stuffer idea for a dad with a sweet tooth! If you don’t have a chance to make it down to the famous Sweet Palace in Phillipsburg to pick him out some sweet treats— there is another Montana company you can easily buy tasty candies from. Bequet Caramels! One of the great things about Bequet is that this Montana made gift for Dad can be bought just about anywhere, including Costco. Just add it to your shopping list next time you’re running errands!

3. For Hunting Season

Hunting season may have just come to an end but if your dad is an avid hunter— he is probably already looking forward to next year’s season! So what are the best Montana made gifts for Dad this Christmas if his mind is on hunting all year round? Replace his old hunting pack with a top-notch pack from Mystery Ranch! If this gift purchase feels a little too far out of your budget, this Bozeman-based company also offers some great hunting accessories as well.   

4.For His Love Of Beer

Would Dad rather be drinking his favorite beer at the brewery than unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree? Then bring the brewery to him! Buy him a sampling of beers from across the state and then add a Montana Brewery Passport to his stocking. The Montana Brewery Passport is a fun way for dad to add tasting notes, rankings, and more to all the beers he tries around the state!