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How Sailors Can Support Small Business Saturday

November 25th is Small Business Saturday! Here are a few tips for how sailors can support small businesses this holiday weekend:

text1. Buy Your Sailing Gear and Book Sailing Trips Locally

It may seem easier to get all your holiday shopping done at the box stores, however, this Saturday make it a point to shop locally! Take a stroll downtown and see what sailing gear might be sold locally. Additionally, if you are planning any sailing trips for the upcoming season— book those trips locally too! For example, if you live in Montana, you don’t have to travel far from home to learn to sail, charter a sailboat, or brush up on your sailing skills. Book your sailing trip right in the Flathead Valley!

2. Support Small Sailing Businesses Online

Can’t find small businesses selling sailing gear or trips in your local community? You can still support Small Business Saturday online! A great way to do this is read through the “about us” pages on companies that sell sailing gear and trips. You can often find more information about the size of the company, how involved the companies’ owners are in the business, and their commitment to sustainability and more on an “about us” page! Learn more about Go Sail Montana founder and owner, Genevieve Evans, here.  

3. Share Information About Small Sailing Businesses On Social Media

If you aren’t currently in need of any sailing gears or aren’t ready to plan a sailing trip at the moment, there are still plenty of ways you can support small sailing businesses on Small Business Saturday. For example, small businesses always appreciate when you share, like, or comment on their posts any day of the year. Support Go Sail Montana this Small Business Saturday by following us on Instagram and Facebook!

4. Buy Gift Certificates from Small Businesses as Holiday Gifts

Another way to support small sailing businesses, even if you don’t need anything yourself, is to buy gifts for your loved ones from small businesses. If you aren’t sure what to buy your friends and family, opt for a thoughtful gift certificate from a local or small business!

To finish off the holiday weekend of sales Go Sail Montana will even be offering a free hat to anyone who buys a $100 gift certificate on Cyber Monday! Buy your Go Sail gift certificates here.