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How To Get The Best Deals for Sailing on Flathead Lake

Everyone loves a good bargain! Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best deal when booking a sailing trip on Flathead Lake:a sign above a body of water

1. Book Your Sailing Trip on Flathead Lake Early

The earlier you book, the cheaper your sailing trip on Flathead Lake will be! There are a limited number of Flathead Lake sailing trips each summer and Go Sail Flathead Lake incentives early sign ups with lower priced deals.


The Go Sail Flathead Lake real-time calendar is now available through 2024. Click book now on any sailing course or charter on the Go Sail Flathead Lake website to see real-time availability and pricing!  

2. Book a Sailing Trip on Flathead Lake During the Shoulder Season

July and August are the first months to book up for sailing lessons and sailing rentals on Flathead Lake. However, sailing rentals and courses on Flathead Lake are available from May through September. Go Sail Flathead Lake will often offer special promotions on these “shoulder season” sailing trips on Flathead Lake. An added bonus to sailing Flathead Lake during the shoulder season is you’ll likely also have a lot more of the lake to yourself— there aren’t nearly as many power boats out on the water in May, June, or September! 

3. Receive Special Promotional Offers For Sailing on Flathead Lake Through Our Newsletter

If you aren’t seeing any great deals on sailing courses or sailing rentals on the Go Sail Flathead Lake website right now, you are guaranteed to discover at least a deal or two when you sign up for the Go Sail Flathead Lake newsletter! These monthly newsletters offer the latest deals as well as the latest sailing news on Flathead Lake. If you aren’t already signed up for the newsletter, you can fill out the “contact us” form here and let us know your interest in receiving special deals. By clicking “I agree to receive communications from Go Sail,” you’ll automatically be added to the newsletter!   


4. Follow Us on Social Media for Special Promotional Offers

Email isn’t the only way to get updates on the latest sailing deals from Go Sail Flathead Lake! You can also find our latest promotions and deals on Instagram (@gosailflatheadlake) and Facebook. Give us a like or a follow and you’ll start seeing our deal updates in your news feed. We also post tons of great sailing related content on our social media pages too, so you can learn more about us before you set sail on your bargain adventure!