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Top Spots to Camp near Flathead Lake


The Flathead Valley is a beautiful place to camp and much cheaper than booking a hotel before or after your Go Sail Flathead Lake sailing trip! Check out a few of our favorite Flathead Lake camping options below. Just keep in mind that Flathead Valley camping can book up fast so no matter what option you choose— make sure you book well in advance!

RV Parks with hookups near Flathead Lake

Looking to camp in ultimate comfort on Flathead Lake? There are plenty of RV parks with hookups to consider! Rollins RV Park and Wild Horse RV Resort are both conveniently located just minutes from Dayton, Montana. The West Shore campground on Flathead Lake State Park also offers RV camping with hookups and is just minutes from Dayton and Go Sail Flathead Lake. These are all great options for Flathead Lake camping before or after a sailing trip!

Campgrounds near Flathead Lake

If you don’t mind a campground without hookups, you have quite a few more options for camping near Flathead Lake. For example, Big Arm campground on Flathead Lake State Park has both tent and RV camp spots. It may not have hookups but it does have trash collection, water, showers, and toilets. Camping costs anywhere from $4-$34 depending on the time of year and amenities at your campsite. This campground is conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the Dayton marina and Go Sail Flathead Lake, making it an ideal place to stay before a day of sailing on Flathead!

Wayfarers campground on Flathead Lake State Park also offers tent camping and RV camping without hookups near Flathead Lake. This campground offers a dump station as well as many of the same amenities you’ll find at Big Arm State Park. Wayfarers State Park is on the northeast side of Flathead Lake, less than 40 minutes from sailing at the Dayton marina and Go Sail Flathead Lake.

Boondocking near Flathead Lake

Boondocking, or dispersed camping, is free, and permitted almost everywhere on the Flathead National Forest. As long as you don’t park near a trailhead, campground, or day-use area, you can camp just about anywhere on Forest Service land in Montana! Specific rules on boondocking and dispersed camping in Flathead National Forest can be found here. If you are sailing with Go Sail Flathead Lake, ask us about our favorite dispersed camping spots on Flathead Lake when you book your trip!

Other camping options near Flathead Lake

All of the Flathead Lake State Park campgrounds listed above also have availability for tent camping. Flathead National Forest is also a great place to tent camp, as long as you don’t have a problem with having no toilets or showers where you camp. Additionally,  Big Arm campground on Flathead Lake State Park also rents out yurts! The price for yurts ranges between $50 and $72 a night depending on your residency status, time of year, and size of yurt. 

For even more Flathead Lake camping options, contact us at Go Sail Flathead Lake. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction!