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How Sailboats Get Their Names

a close up of text on a white backgroundHow do sailboats get their names? For many sailors, a lot of thought goes into naming a sailboat! Here are a few common ways a sailor will come up with a name for their sailboat and how Go Sail Flathead Lake chooses names for their vessels.

Common Names for Sailboats

If you walk around enough marinas and docks, you’ll start to see a few sailboat names pop up over and over again. For example, names like Liberty, Serenity, and Pura-Vida always top the sailboat naming charts. However, even if you try and come up with the most unique sailboat name— there’s always a chance someone else out there might have named their boat the same thing! Unlike businesses that have to legally have unique names for the state you are registered in, your sailboat name is up for grabs!

Themes for Sailboat Names

A sailor will often stick to a theme when naming their sailboats. For example, some sailors like having “punny” sailboat names while others prefer historical or cultural references when naming a sailboat. A superstitious sailor may choose names they believe bring good luck and others may stick to maritime tradition for sailboat naming. For example, many traditional sailboat names are feminine. 

What A Sailboat’s Name Can Tell You About Its Owner

One reason a sailor may be careful about what they name their sailboat is that other sailors sometimes make judgements on its owner based on their sailboats name! For example, “Second Wind” may cause other sailors to think the owner is rebounding from an issue, like a divorce or health issue. A boat named “Aquaholic” may be seen as a party boat. “Relaxing” or “Gone Fishin’”? Sounds like an avid fisherman is on board! 

How Go Sail Flathead Lake Names Sailboats

Go Sail Flathead Lake prefers to leave the sailboat naming process to the customers and captains! For example, Go Sail’s boats “Salish” and “Kootenai” received their names from an employee and client poll. Their names were suggested by Captain Jon Barlow to pay homage to the area’s Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation.