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What Makes Flathead Lake Good For Sailing?

Is Flathead Lake good for sailing or are you better off heading to ocean waters? Here’s 4 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook Flathead Lake for your next sailing trip!  

a close up of text on a white background1. Sailing Without Traffic

Flathead Lake still remains a fairly undiscovered sailing spot. Especially if you head to the southern portion of the lake, you are unlikely to find many other boats out on the waters with you. This gives sailing Flathead Lake a beautiful, tranquil feel and also reduces the stress of having to navigate through traffic on the water.  

2. No Waves, No Worries

Is Flathead Lake good for sailing if you are a beginner? Absolutely! Sailing on the ocean can provide some unpredictable waves and swells whereas the waters of Flathead Lake rarely get choppy enough to cause much stress for sailors. However, you don’t have to be new to sailing to appreciate these calm waters. Flathead Lake is also a great spot for experienced sailors to practice new techniques and skills without worrying about rogue waves catching them off guard! 

3. It’s Called the Big Sky State for a Reason! 

The beauty of Flathead Lake alone makes it worth sailing. The wide open skies and waters of Flathead Lake are absolutely stunning and mesmerize many a sailor while they are out on the water. The Big Sky State is also home to an abundance of wild animals you may be able to spot from your sailboat during your Flathead Lake adventure. Bighorn sheep, deer, elk, and a variety of other animals call this area home! 

4. Sail Close to Home

If you live in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, or the Dakotas, Flathead Lake may be one of the closest places where you can learn to sail! Go Sail Flathead Lake offers a variety of ASA sailing courses, as well as sailing charters and boat rentals. Interested in learning more about the sailing opportunities on Flathead Lake? Visit the Go Sail Montana website!