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Operation vet sail!

In coordination with American sailing Association, Flathead Lake sailing school is offering steep discounts for introductory sailing lessons for veterans.



Yes, we are honored to offer $50 off for veterans. Please follow this link to the ASA Website and submit your information.

Here is the webpage.

Send us the coupon through email at

This program offers a great opportunity for veterans to access the water and a way for us to give thanks for their service. We are offering 10% discount to any all military personnel.

There are several veterans in Captain Genevieve’s Family. Her grandfather, Donald J. Evans served in World War II, LCDR All- fixed-winged aircraft, Elmer Forsch Served in the Korean war, her father, David G. Evans served 1968-1971 in the Navy assigned to Vietnam and later in the National Guard as a tank commander. Her uncle, Andy Hilario, served in the army 1967-1970 and her cousin, Caine Hilario served in the Marines 1993-1997. They fought to save our freedom.

Sailing is good for the military background because it includes drills, inspections, planning, preparing, best practices and focus on the task in hand. We have seen many benefits from this program some results you do not see but being on the water is calming for everyone. I have taught several students over the years and have seen nature’s therapy take hold with a smile on their face. Time on the water can be very therapeutic and relaxing.

Wind in the sail, open water ahead!

Sailing is the destination