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7 Original Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If your spouse prefers adventure over material gifts, then consider these original Valentine’s Day gift ideas made specifically for adventurous couples! We’ve included options for every budget and a variety of adventurous interests. Which will you choose? 

graphical user interface1. Bond Over a New Hobby Together

The best way to keep your relationship feeling “fresh” is by constantly changing things up! You may have tried-and-true hobbies you love doing with your spouse. However, rather than buying Valentine’s Day gifts that focus on things you know you both already love— branch out this year. For example, if you haven’t been sailing together before, 2024 is the year to try it out! Sign up for sailing lessons together this summer on Flathead Lake. 

2. Purchase Photography Equipment or Accessories

If your spouse loves documenting every moment of your adventures, help them to up their photography game for your future travels. Photography themed Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be big or small. For example, you could invest in a DSLR camera or instead, buy a variety of smaller accessories for phone photography. A few accessory ideas include tripods, selfie sticks, and wireless remotes.  

3. Create an “Around the World” Dinner

Bring adventure to the dinner table this Valentine’s Day! While many couples celebrate Valentine’s Day over a candlelit steak dinner or fondue, you can also bring originality to the dinner table this Valentine’s Day with an adventure themed meal. For example, how about cooking up an interesting delicacy from a foreign country? You could try out falafel, mochi, paella, or another delicious and novel dish!

4. Book Your Next Adventure

One of the most appreciated Valentine’s Day gift ideas may be taking the lead in planning your next adventure! If your spouse is usually the one to decide on vacation spots, book flights, find hotels, and plan out the details of your trip— take the initiative to take over travel logistics this Valentine’s Day! For instance, you could surprise your partner by booking a chartered sailing trip on Flathead Lake for the summer. Go Sail Montana can help you plan the additional logistics for your trip too. Ask us about lodging recommendations and more when you book! 

5. Craft a Personalized Adventure Kit

What items have you noticed your significant other is missing when you go on adventures? These items would make great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a personalized adventure kit! Items to consider include a portable power bank for phone charging on the go, sunglasses, paracord, a multi-tool, a Go Sail Flathead Lake hat or shirt, and backpacking food.

6. Buy an Adventure Journal 

Help your spouse keep track of all your fun adventure memories with an adventure journal as one of your Valentine’s Day gift ideas. No need to give a blank journal, you can get their creative juices flowing by writing a few entries about the previous adventures you have been on together! You may also want to add a few photos, drawings, or other unique touches to make the journal extra special. 

7.Plan Out a Trip with Go Sail Flathead Lake 

Go Sail Flathead Lake offers a variety of original Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Not only can you book a romantic, custom charter on Flathead Lake, you can also take sailing lessons together or rent out your own boat. Not sure sailing is up your alley? Try out a SUP or kayak session on the lake instead!