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Sailing Schools in Montana

a boat in the waterOn the lookout for sailing schools in Montana? Go Sail Montana is the Big Sky State’s only sailing school, offering comprehensive ASA classes to get you sailing on Montana’s lakes and beyond! Here’s a few things you may want to know before signing up for courses:

Why Take Sailing Courses?

Sailing is a fantastic way for the whole family to spend more time outdoors. By taking sailing lessons, you learn to pay attention to weather conditions, the elements, and nature which deepens your relationship with the environment. 

All sailors, from amateurs to experts, never stop learning. ASA lessons will boost the confidence of new sailors so that they can spend time on the water alone or with their crew without requiring the presence of a stranger to captain the boat. It is crucial for even seasoned sailors to continue their education so that their safety preparedness doesn’t get rusty. Completing sailing courses guarantees that you are the most educated and safe sailor you can be. 

Why Choose a Sailing School in Montana?

Our beautiful state is famous for its vast natural landscapes and unspoiled National Parks. When you sail our great lakes, you are surrounded by breathtaking mountain and forest views while you cruise across clean water. 

Thanks to Montana’s mild summer climate, you can sail in the summer comfortably without worrying about overheating, and consistent prairie winds make sailing a breeze. Taking ASA courses in Montana will also introduce you to our welcoming community of sailing enthusiasts who will support you as you learn. 

What Courses Does Go Sail Montana Offer?

The only ASA courses in Montana are available through Go Sail. These two-day classes offered on Flathead Lake benefit sailors at all levels. Here is a description of each course you can complete at our Montana sailing school: 

ASA 101 – Learn the basic parts of a keelboat, sailing theory, and work on your sailing skills. Then pass a written and practical exam, receive ASA 101 Certification, and you can book our boat rentals with discounts right away! 

ASA 103 – Learn intermediate skills on a larger, more complicated keelboat. Then pass a written and practical exam to receive your ASA 103 certification.

ASA 104 – Learn to operate a larger sailboat for longer cruises in unfavorable conditions. Gain knowledge of managing emergencies, navigation and weather, engine mechanics, and much more. Finally, you will receive ASA 104 certification after passing exams. 

What Can I Expect From Taking ASA Sailing Courses in Montana?

Go Sail Montana’s classes are small, with no more than four students each, and their instructors and captains are adept at both sailing and imparting their knowledge to their students. They make sure students receive individual attention and a chance to practice their skills at the helm. If you’re serious about learning quickly, you can sign up for combo classes to take two or three classes consecutively. Go Sail Montana’s graduates have even gone on to sail professionally as captains of bareboat charters and ASA instructors themselves!

If you look at Montana’s lakes and dream of sailing their placid waters, visit the only sailing school in Montana! You can learn more about these ASA courses and other Montana sailing opportunities here.