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Top 5 Reasons to Join A Women’s Sailing Group

March is Women’s History Month, making it the ideal time to commit to making history yourself! Joining a women’s sailing group is a great way to be involved with creating women’s sailing history— but there are also other fabulous reasons to join a women’s sailing group! 


1. You’ll Help Make History

Currently, women are in the minority in the sailing community. Only about 16 percent of sailing regatta competitors are women! Joining the sailing community through a women’s sailing group is a great way to help boost those numbers and be part of creating a more equitable world out on the water.  Once you start sailing, you’ll find other exciting, niche ways to make history too! For example, have you heard of eXXpedition? They are a pioneering all-female sailing voyage circumnavigating the globe and exploring the impacts of and solutions to ocean pollution! 

2. You’ll Learn New Skills

Whether you are a first time sailor or a seasoned pro, sailors are always learning new skills! Sailing doesn’t just involve skills like jibbing, tying knots, and mooring boats either. It’s also about honing in on soft skills like communication, trip planning, and problem solving. 

3. You’ll Gain Confidence

One of the most frequent comments Go Sail Flathead Lake receives from students about their sailing classes is that they gained a new level of confidence. “I retained what I learned and I have the ability to charter a boat on Flathead. I feel confident with my skills for the lake,” student Jenna Dodge said about her experience sailing with Go Sail. “It was really cool to feel empowered.”

4. You’ll Meet New Friends

Sailing and women’s sailing groups are a great way to meet new women in your area and form close friendships. “If you would have told me two years ago I would be surrounded by the sailing community, I would have lost that million dollar bet,” said Morgan Spitznagle about how her sailing story has blossomed after taking an ASA course with Go Sail Flathead Lake. Now, Morgan competitively sails with Go Sail’s owner, Genevieve Evans, in the summer!

5. You’ll Inspire Other Women 

Hearing sailing stories from women like Morgan and Jenna inspires more women to try out sailing, join women’s sailing groups, and become a part of making sailing history! Start sailing, share your sailing story, and soon you’ll find not only an army of women by your side supporting you but also a number of women excited to emulate your accomplishments too! 

6. You’ll Become a Better Person

Sailing makes you a better person. How? “”Every time I went sailing with a woman, or another group of women, I always just felt this intense bond that really led me to be a good captain and a good leader,” Go Sail owner Genevieve Evans told Whether you are looking to better develop your communication skills, leadership abilities, forge stronger friendships, or meet a variety of other self-improvement goals— joining a women’s sailing group is a great place to start!

Interested in Joining a Women’s Sailing Group in Montana?

Montana doesn’t currently have a women’s sailing group but Go Sail Flathead Lake would love to hear your opinion about starting one! Would you be interested in joining a women’s sailing group in Montana? Send us a message and let us know!