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Is there lodging near Wild Horse Island?


Wild Horse Island is a day-use island and is managed as a primitive area. Unfortunately, that means camping is prohibited. However, these rules are largely to thank for Wild Horse Island’s current and largely untouched beauty. Even though you can’t stay overnight, it’s a must for visiting on a day trip with Go Sail Flathead Lake.

Where can I stay near Go Sail Flathead Lake?

The first day of your sailing trip is quickly approaching— it’s time to book lodging near Wild Horse Island! Here are a few answers to questions we frequently receive about lodging near Wild Horse Island and staying near Go Sail Flathead Lake:

What are the lodging options nearest Wild Horse Island?

Maximize your time sailing around Wild Horse Island and still get a good night sleep by booking lodging in Dayton. Dayton is the home of Go Sail Flathead Lake. It’s also the closest town to Wild Horse Island and a fabulous starting point for many other adventures on Flathead Lake. While there aren’t any hotels in Dayton, you can find quite a few lodging options in Dayton on Airbnb and VRBO.

What is the nearest hotel to Wild Horse Island?

While we encourage guests to book one of the beautiful cabins, bed and breakfasts, or boutique lodging options near Wild Horse Island, hotels are also available less than a half hour away in Polson. In Polson, you’ll find larger chain hotels such as the Red Lion Inn and America’s Best Value. The Kwataqnuk Resort and Hotel are also located in Polson.

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Can I find camping near Wild Horse Island?

Yes, there are plenty of wonderful camping options near Wild Horse Island and Go Sail Flathead Lake. Rollins is a 10-minute drive from Dayton and there you’ll find the Rollins RV Park. If tent camping is more your style, we suggest making a reservation at the beautiful Big Arm State Park Campground.

Is there a list of lodging options near Wild Horse Island and Go Sail Flathead Lake?

On the Go Sail Flathead Lake website you can find a list of popular lodging options near Wild Horse Island. While this list doesn’t include every single option in the area, it does offer a variety of fantastic options from Somers and Lakeside to Big Arm and Polson (and many places in between!).