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How to get to Wild Horse Island

Looking to do some island hopping during your trip to Flathead Lake? Here is what you need to know about getting to Wild Horse Island State Park and the other Flathead Lake Islands when planning your trip:

Getting to Wild Horse Island

Go Sai Flathead Lake

 Getting to Wild Horse Island State Park on Flathead Lake Wild Horse Island is only accessible by boat.

While Wild Horse Island is a State Park, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) does not offer transportation to the island. That means the only way of getting to White Horse Island State Park is via a private boat. At Go Sail Flathead Lake, you can charter your own private sailboat with a captain to visit Wild Horse Island. These trips can be customized for 1-5 guests and even include options to kayak or SUP back to shore if you’d like!

Getting to Cromwell Island on Flathead Lake

Unfortunately, Cromwell Island is not open to the public. While you can admire the island from the water, the land itself is private property. In fact, its claim to fame is that it’s the largest freshwater private island west of the Mississippi under single ownership! That means your ability to access the island is dependent on a personal invitation by the owner. However, you don’t necessarily need to even know the owner to explore the 350-acre private property. You might just need to convince a realtor to take you! In 2022, the island went up for sale for $72 million.

Getting to Melita Island on Flathead Lake

Much like Cromwell Island, the majority of the public can only enjoy Melita Island from the water. That’s because Melita Island is privately owned by the Montana Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). However, the Montana BSA does offer camps for both adults and kids on Melita Island. You can learn more about the 2024 Melita Island camps and courses here.

Seeing all the islands on your trip to Flathead Lake

Getting to Wild Horse Island State Park and seeing Cromwell and Melita Islands doesn’t have to be complicated. A custom sailing charter with Go Sail Flathead Lake offers you the opportunity to see all three islands (Wild Horse Island, Cromwell Island, and Melita Island) from a beautiful, private sailboat. Not only can you sail around each island, you can also step off at Wild Horse Island and take time to explore the raw beauty of the area.