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How Flathead Lake Water Levels Affect Boating on the Lake

textFlathead Lake’s water levels have fallen to historic lows and you may be wondering how that affects your boating plans. Here’s what you need to know about the current water levels on Flathead Lake and what that means for your upcoming boating plans:

How low are the Flathead Lake water levels?

Flathead Lake has been sitting at about two feet below full pool – a record low for the summer months. While the lake is still about 2,891 feet datum, the Flathead Lake water level continues to drop. Flathead county officials have found this to be so alarming that they asked the Governor to declare a state of emergency

Why are Flathead Lake water levels so low?

The low water levels at Flathead Lake are due to a variety of factors. As explained in a recent Montana Free Press article, the low Flathead Lake water levels are in part due to this being the county’s 5th driest start to the year in over 100 years. This is paired with the fact that there was  a less than ideal snow pack that melted early in the warm spring weather.. 

How do low Flathead Lake water levels affect boating?

The main impact to boating from low Flathead Lake water levels is the impact it’s had on area docks. Many docks are now unusable due to the low water which means less places to store boats on the water, stop while you are out exploring Flathead Lake, or even put into the water. However, the docks at Dayton have been only slightly affected by the low water levels, meaning it’s as easy as ever to set sail on Flathead Lake! 

How do low Flathead Lake water levels affect sailing?

The low Flathead Lake water levels haven’t had an affect on sailing in the area. Go Sail Flathead Lake is still offering charters, boat rentals, and more on Flathead Lake. In fact, when you are out sailing the lake, you won’t notice the difference to your sailing experience with lower Flathead Lake water levels. Come out and sail with us today