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Sailing Story: Samantha Martinez


a person wearing sunglasses posing for the cameraSamantha Martinez came into the world of sailing thanks to a kayaking trip she wasn’t even a part of. It all started when her boyfriend announced he was going to kayak the Mississippi this summer. Not one to miss out on adventure, she decided she would set off on her own epic, solo adventure as well. 


“I just wanted to come out and have a little excursion,” she said. “I always wanted to come to Montana, I’ve just never had the opportunity.”


Her boyfriend recommended booking courses with Go Sail Flathead Lake as part of her month-long Montana adventure. He had raced sailboats with Captain Trevon in the past and knew he would make a great instructor for Samantha as she explored a new hobby.  


Samantha loved the idea. While she didn’t have much experience out on the water, she felt a connection to the sport. “My grandpa was a sailor,” she explained. “It’s just been something that’s interested me throughout the years.”


In fact, when she made the decision to take ASA courses with Go Sail Flathead Lake, she called her grandfather to let him know. “He cried when I told him I was doing it,” she said. Sailing had always been a large part of his life, both in the Navy and as a hobby after his service. “He really enjoys being out on the water and sailing,” Samantha explained.


Once Samantha began her ASA courses at Go Sail Flathead Lake, she immediately understood her grandfather’s love of the sport as well as her boyfriend’s confidence in Captain Trevon as an instructor. 


“My favorite part of the course was the instructor, Trevon,” she said. “He takes you through all the possibilities of what you could see in your sailing career.”


a bird flying over a body of waterWhile Samantha didn’t originally plan to leave Montana with a passion for sailing, her future plans began to take shape with sailing as a part of them. 


“I really enjoyed the idea of sail racing. I think that’s something that would be really cool,” she said excitedly. “Just the strategy of it! I like the competitive nature.”


While Samantha’s Montana trip has come to an end, she is now working to save up money to keep her Montana sailing dreams alive. “I came through Montana just to hike and meet new people and see new things,” she said. “[Now] I want to come back.”