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Renting SUPs vs. Kayaks on Flathead Lake

What’s the best way to paddle around Flathead Lake? Two of the most popular options are stand up paddle boards (known as SUPs) and kayaks. Here is what you need to know about renting SUPs vs. kayaks on your Flathead Lake adventure:

Kayaks verses Stand Up Paddle board

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SUPs vs. kayaks: what’s the difference?

Before we get into the details of SUPs vs kayaks— let’s go over the basics! SUPs and kayaks are both different types of paddling. While they both require a paddle and float on the water, that’s basically where the similarities ends. Stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) look like large,heavy surfboards. The goal is to use them to paddle standing up (although you can also sit on them). On the other hand, kayaks are generally closed-in and have an area for you to sit in with your legs outstretched. 

Advantages of SUPs (vs. kayaks)

SUPs main advantages over kayaks is your ability to see further distances and move around while you are out on the water. Due to the fact that you can stand up on a SUP, you’re likely going to be able to see further in the distance. Additionally, unlike a kayak, a SUP allows you to transition between standing, sitting, or even jumping into the water and using your SUP to float!

Advantages of kayaks (vs. SUPs)

You may not be able to stand up in your kayak— but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Kayaks add an extra layer of stability while you are out on the water. This can be a huge benefit for those that are new to paddling out on the water. Another advantage of a kayak is that you can also bring things with you more easily! Most kayaks include storage areas in the front or back, where you can place a dry bag with gear, snacks, and more. 

SUPs vs. kayaks on Flathead Lake

The choice between SUPs vs. kayaks on Flathead Lake is largely dependent on your plans for the day, experience, and preference. For long-distance paddling, a kayak may be preferable (it takes less core strength to maneuver and a kayak includes storage space for snacks and water). However, if you are interested in testing out your balance, experiencing the latest trend, and getting a work-out in all at the same time— try out a SUP! 

SUPs vs. kayaks to Wildhorse Island

Considering taking a SUP or kayak to Wildhorse Island? Either is a great choice! For beginners, we suggest kayaks vs. SUPs. That’s because the learning curve for effectively paddling to shore is quite a bit less with a kayak. However, don’t let the challenge of a SUP deter you, if that’s what you want to do. Taking a SUP to Wildhorse Island is a truly unique experience! 

Where to rent SUPs and Kayaks on Flathead Lake

In all reality, the SUPs vs kayaks debate is best answered by you trying out both on the water and seeing which one you like best! Go Sail Flathead Lake offers both SUP and kayak rentals  on Flathead Lake. You can choose between renting a 11.5 foot inflatable paddle board or 9 foot sit-on-top kayak for a few hours or even the whole day. Learn more about kayak and SUP rentals on the Go Sail Flathead Lake rentals page.