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Sailing Story: Trevon and Stephanie

Trevon and Stephanie Go to Virgin Island

A passion for chartering new adventures is part of what makes Trevon and Stephanie’s relationship tick. However, their individual curiosity of the water began long before they even met. 

For Stephanie, being on the water makes her feel at home. She grew up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. Her summers were spent swimming, fishing, and boating (although, not sailing— that comes later). 

Stephanie hadn’t yet entered into Trevon’s life when he fell in love with sailing. A client asked Trevon to come crew his sailboat during a club race on Flathead Lake. He immediately knew he’d found something special. In the years to come Trevon would sail the San Juan Islands, Mexico, Florida and the Virgin Islands. He acquired  ASA Instructor certifications and his USCG Captain License. He chartered bareboats in the Virgin Islands.   

His passion to share the sailing lifestyle continued when he met Stephanie. He introduced her to sailing by proclaiming, “let’s race the Montana Cup Regatta!” After a crash course in sailing and racing from Trevon, Stephanie found herself in the race. From there, their sailing story as a couple began. Through a shared passion of sailing they became inseparable soul mates, partners, captain and first mate.  

However, Trevon knew he wanted to share more than his love for sailing Montana with Stephanie. Luckily, Go Sail Flathead Lake offers just the opportunity he sought for them both. He took the experience he and Stephanie had gained at Go Sail Flathead Lake and brought it to Go Sail Virgin Islands. 

Together, they now spend winters in the Virgin Islands and summers in Montana. Trevon Is an ASA instructor at Go Sail Virgin Islands and Go Sail Flathead Lake. Stephanie continues to increase her knowledge of sailing as a first mate and through catamaran sailing. 

For couples looking to expand their sailing experiences beyond the shores of Flathead Lake, Trevon and Stephanie offer a glimpse into what a beautiful sailing life together can look like as snowbirds, sailing all year round. 

However, whether you are a sailing couple, solo sailor, or sail with other friends and family— there is still a lot to be learned from Trevon and Stephanie. Trevon’s clients describe him as knowledgeable, patient, considerate, and encouraging. His teaching style and knowledge make learning easy. Trevon and Stephanie are also a prime example of how great life can be when you combine sailing Go Sail Flathead Lake in the summers with Go Sail Virgin Islands in the winters! 

If you are considering a trip to the Virgin Islands or Flathead Lake— set sail with Trevon and Stephanie! For more information about the classes Trevon teaches and the best time to book a sailing trip with Trevon and Stephanie, schedule a free consultation with Go Sail Flathead Lake or Go Sail Virgin Islands