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When Does Montana’s Sailing Season Begin?

The countdown has begun for the start of the sailing season in Montana! Here’s what you need to know about the 2024 sailing season kick off on Flathead Lake:

diagramDoes Montana’s sailing season always start by Memorial Day? 

You are almost guaranteed to see a sailboat or two out on the Flathead Lake waters by Memorial Day! Go Sail Flathead Lake generally has a boat or two of their own out on the lake during the holiday weekend too. This can be a perfect time for many to learn how to sail, a long weekend means plenty of time to learn the ropes and practice those sailing skills!

What are the waters like at the beginning of sailing season?

Flathead Lake’s waters can be pretty cold at the beginning of sailing season and the air can still be a bit brisk. But don’t let that deter you from getting out to sail. Just make sure you gear up with plenty of layers and plan for gorgeous snow capped mountain views. 

When is the first sailing race of the season on Flathead Lake?

The first sailboat races of the 2024 season will begin in June on Flathead Lake. The South Flathead Yacht Club offers Saturday races throughout the sailing season beginning in June as well as larger races like the Wild Horse Island Race Weekend and the Labor Day Regatta once a season. Check out the full racing schedule for the South Flathead Yacht Club here. You can also view sailing races and events for the North Flathead Yacht Club here.  

How long is the sailing season in Montana?

Montana’s sailing season generally goes from about Memorial Day to September 30th. The length of the sailing season does depend on a few factors though. For example, the sailing season was cut a bit short in 2023 due to low water levels in Flathead Lake. To be on the safe side, you may want to plan your big sailing trips or courses with Go Sail Flathead Lake for June through August! Early and late season sailing are generally better for shorter sails due to the cooler and less predictable conditions.